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Your Library Account

Getting a Card

  • All you need is photo identification and documentation showing your current Shelby County address. If you are over 18 and work in Shelby County but don’t live here, you can still get a card by showing proof of employment within Shelby County or paying an out-of-county fee of $30. Parents or guardians must sign for children under 18. Temporary cards are available for college students and individuals on an extended business trip.

Updating Your Account Information and Preferences

  • You may now update your contact information for your library account online as well as specify your preference for library notifications.

Using Your Card

  • One card is good at all Shelby County Public Libraries (Hoover Public Library isn’t part of the Shelby County System). Your card is good for 3 years. With your card you can use the library computers, check out items, reserve items, maintain a reading list, and sign up for new item notifications. Your card is your own personal card meaning your family members or friends may not use your card due to the fact that you will be held responsible for any lost or damaged items checked out on your card.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Cards

  • If your card has been damaged beyond use or stolen you may get a new card free of charge. If your card is stolen let us know as quickly as you can so that we may block someone else from using it and so that you may get a new card. If your card is damaged bring it to your local library and give it to a librarian so that they may get you a new one. If you have simply lost your card it will be a $3 replacement charge. 
  • A new card will not be issued to you if you have unresolved fines or items on your previous card. In any case you will be asked to show photo ID and proof of residence.